What an honor….

I was recently nominated by my friend Kerry to be interviewed and featured on the site, Yinzpiration. Thanks Katie for this opportunity!

Check out the site! Nominate someone that inspires you! And last but not least, check out my interview…
Charming Aire Plichta makes friends fast. After sitting across a table from her for five minutes, I felt like I had known her for years! 
Aire is super personable and sweet. Her mantra is to sparkle everyday—she takes it quite literally by wearing sequins clothing and accessories. But, in my opionion, her delightful disposition is what glimmers the most. 
One thing I like about Aire is how enthusiastic she is to pursue all that Pittsburgh has to offer. She packs her weekends full of fun things to do! She has inpired me to try new things, instead of always going to my favorite places.
After our chat and drinks at the Quiet Storm, we headed over to Pittsburgh Glass Center for some photo fun. It was such a treat to tour their spacce and gallery! The exhibit they have currently is all about Garfield. Check it out:
Many thanks to Aire’s friend Becky Smith who gave us the tour. Be sure to check out Pittsburgh Glass Center’s many events and class offerings!
Enjoy Aire’s Q and A! And let’s throw on some sequins and sparkle today in Aire’s honor!
Name: Aire Plichta
Job title: Fashion Press Specialist at Modcloth
Twitter: I have a few! My main ones: @Aireeeeee  and @athletichic
Blog: I have 2 blogs, both with unique visions behind them. :)
I started this one to show off the styling work that I have done with Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine, photographers and clients of mine. It has also become the perfect place for me to show off my sparkles: sparkleeveryday.tumblr.com.
And this one began when ModCloth was looking for a female sports blogger to  talk about a dress we were carrying. After searching for 2 weeks my co-worker and I could not find the right fit. So it inspired me to combine my 2 loves, football and fashion: athletichic.com
Neighborhood you live in: Bloomfield! It’s stolen my heart.
Coffee Shop Drink of Choice: Iced coffee. Specifically 21st street iced coffee!
Current Shampoo Preference: Organix Cocoa Butter
Why do you choose Pittsburgh as your home?
I moved out of state when I was 18 for college then directly to NYC after graduation to peruse my career in the fashion industry. I was lucky enough to land a great job with Macy’s Corporate office live with my sister, something we had not done since we were children, and make some amazing friends, but as I got older and came back to Pittsburgh more and more for weddings, etc. I kept getting drawn in more and more to the amazingness the city held for me as an adult. I’ve been blessed to find an great job, make new friends and stay connected with old all the while continuing to discover parts of Pittsburgh I adore.
Who do you spend your time with? 
My adorable boyfriend, Matt, who is kind of enough to go with the crazy flow that is my life. My parents recently moved back from Florida and I love spending time with them, making up for the years we were apart. And of course all of my wonderful friends when our schedules line up!
What are your favorite aspects of your job? 
This is going to sound really cheesy but I kind of love everything about my job. The position I currently have is a more updated version of one I wrote about as my dream job when I was a sophomore in high school! One of my favorite things about working in fashion is that it’s always changing, sometimes whether I want it to or not! I love that I am working on securing placements in Fall issues of magazines already. Being a season or 2 ahead is always so exciting to me. I really get inspired by the story behind our company and how we have been able to help so many small designers, bloggers or musicians get exposure. I also handle the donations on behalf of ModCloth, which is part of my job I really love and I try my hardest to never turn down a donation request.
Do you have a soul food? 
Egg rolls, pieorgies and mac & cheese. I could never pick just one!
What are some of your recent personal goals? 
I recently started training for a 5k, I’ve been into spinning for a few years now, so I’ve decided I needed a new fitness goal! I also want to work on securing more styling clients and jobs in 2012.
What are your favorite Pittsburgh restaurants? 
Oh where do I begin? I pretty much add a new one to this list every week. :) But at this moment, Smoke BBQ Taqueria, Braddock’s in the Renaissance Hotel, The Grand Concourse (specifically their brunch), Burgatory, Habitat, Reyna’s Taco Truck, Penn Avenue Fish Company, Sugar Cafe, and last but not least, Sheetz.  
Describe your ideal day. 
It would start with a spinning class taught by my friend Zach, then head to fabulous brunch with my boyfriend. I would do some thrifting, get a mani/pedi, watch the Steelers play and end the night at an event at the Pittsburgh Glass Center with free champagne. I try to live my weekends to the fullest!
What is the most memorable live show you have seen in Pittsburgh? 
The Bob Marley Live Forever Tribute Concert. Stephen Marley, Damian Marley, Julian Marley, Marley Girls, and The Original I-3′s – Rita Marley & Marcia Griffiths were all there. It was honoring the last live show that  Bob ever put on, which by Pittsburgher’s luck, happened at that very theater! I went with my mom who is a huge reggae and Bob fan. It was a once in a lifetime kind of night.
What do you think Pittsburgh will be like in ten years? What do you love most about the city?
Don’t get me wrong, I love that we keep making all of these “best” lists, and being honored with “most livable” but my hope for Pittsburgh in ten years, is that it is just part of the list of cool cities, like Austin, or Boston. etc. I love the friendly, genuine people. And I love the direction and motivation that so many people have to make this city a better place, no matter how big or small their ideas may be.

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