The Super Bowl Isn’t the Only Place to Find Fierce Football Players

I was so very inspired by this post! It’s a must read for all football fans. :) <3

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It’s Super Bowl season once again — time to whip up some salty snacks, crowd onto your comfiest couch, and enjoy one of our favorite national pastimes. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to be a female fan of a sport that’s so male dominated (especially given the troubling events of the past year). That’s why we’re kicking off our weekend with a celebration of talented women who are changing the game. Meet the Pittsburgh Passion — a full-contact women’s football team working hard to prove that football, like all sports, is for everyone to love, watch, and play. Get to know the team in our video below, find out more on their site, and be inspired to make the world a more inclusive, supportive place for everybody.

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