The fashion must go on….

I’m sure many of you like me, are heartbroken over the recent Steelers loss. Now that the heartache has subsided, I’ve decided to start my fashion planning for next season!
I have been rocking the same Athletichic outfit for the past few season, and I think the 2012 season is time for a change!

I have to admit I am tempted to wait and see the Nike uniforms debuting this season before I make any decisions,  but this adorable reversible jersey from Charm 4 Luck may be too cute to pass up! 

Two jerseys in one + plus shimmer = love!! 

How about you? Are you starting over next season?

One thought on “The fashion must go on….

  1. 3rd Charm 4 Luck also carries Glam Jerseys that have some bling and ties up the side! We carry other teams as well! They are super cute and are a GOOD LUCK charm! Keep checking out our site for more styles and designs! Use code: ATHLETICHIC10 to receive 10% off your purchase!

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