The after!!!

So I was hoping to find a “before” picture of my first male, personal shopping/styling client, but I had no such luck. I decided that I shouldn’t punish you dear reader, and not at least show you the after…..I proudly present the new and improved Milan!

(Photo editing courtesy of my ex blog manager)

Milan is wearing a beautiful Banana Republic chino 2 button suit. Milan and I worked together after picking the suit, to come up with a color combo that he would be comfortable with for his shirt/tie combo. I was pushing a colored shirt, but in the end we went with a classic white button down and a bright colored tie. Easily paired with a brown belt and shoes, this suit can be worn together or as separates. Its classic yet modern at the same time! I’m so happy with the outcome!

If you’re interested in having me tag along while you shop, e-mail me. :)

Coming soon…the pictures from the closet styling/consultation I did last night with my friend LB!

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