Superbowl Heartache….

(Image courtesy of WWD)

What better way to get over the aching in your heart from the superbowl, than to talk about Spring trends!

In this article from October 13th 2010, I know that was awhile ago, but I save articles like this for moments such as these. :) Anyway back to the trend, denim was everywhere, extending past just jeans to chic dresses and even suits (pictured above).

I found a few great pieces for you to purchase now and wear all through summer!

This puff sleeve denim dress from the Gap is adorable and a perfect way to easily interpret the trend! And it has pockets! Ahhh dresses with pockets!

I’m not ready to fully embrace the comeback of denim jackets, but this denim biker jacket is a start in the right direction!

So tell me, which spring trend are you excited about? Or better yet, how are you getting over the superbowl? :(

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