Spring 2010 Trends, Part IV

(Image courtesy of Imaxtree)

I don’t know guys….at
first I never really thought this whole athletchic trend would take off, I mean I always hoped it would, but never really believe it would!
So imagine the joy my little heart felt when I saw this article on The Cut! Now to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure sweatpants were really what I had in mind…but..none the less, I’m excited to see how this trends plays out.

Spring trend #4. Sweatpants! *cough, cough* I can’t believe I just typed that.

I found this nifty little pair at Rag & Bone.

And who could forget the ones I spotted at J Crew.

I’m excited to work with this trend…let me know if you do too! I’d love to post your pic! E-mail me. :)

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