Spring 2010 Trends, Part II

Hey readers! Happy sunny Tuesday!! I’m having so much fun with these trend posts, that I’ve decided to talk about one trend a day instead of talking about them all at once and overwhelming you.

The next trend I’d like to bring to your attention is strictly for the ladies, fellas, don’t worry we’ll include you in tomorrow’s trend.

Trend #3 is Lucite! My little vintage loving self has always enjoyed a nice piece of Lucite jewelry, or a nice chunky Lucite heel on a vintage shoe. Well it no longer requires an exhausting vintage search to find some pieces of Lucite!

Love! Prada’s adorable Lucite clutch.
Lucite ring from Forever 21, pretty cute!

Large beaded Lucite Bracelet

Clear studded Lucite Bangle (very on trend)

One thought on “Spring 2010 Trends, Part II

  1. I love that lucite bangle, I may have to snatch that up! When It comes to buying costume jewelry I would much rather buy lucite or leather that gold plated because it wears so quickly, this will look the same forever and comes back into style almost every spring.

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