Spring 2010 Trends, Part I

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I love the concept of this Today Show piece. It follows Glamour’s editor and chief around during the Spring 2010 NY Fashion Week shows. She called out the strongest looks/trends she saw. Fast forward 6 months and here is she on the Today Show talking about how to interpret these trends with pieces out in the stores now. Thanks to Zara and the invention of fast fashion, it is much easier to find the trends shown on the runways just 6 months ago, in the stores already. (Editors note, I had a whole class in college about Zara and the invention of fast fashion, if you’d like to see my final project on it, I’d be happy to oblige.)

I was inspired by this video and a few friends on Facebook asking me about spring trends. So I decided to type them up for you, just for the fun of it. :) I’ll be breaking it into 2 parts since there are so many trends I want to cover!

Part 1 of 2….In no particular order…

1. Denim! We’re not talking just jeans any more ladies and men! Denim is back in a big way! This is such an easy trend to take part in, since you probably have so many pieces in your wardrobe to just work back in.

I love this pencil skirt from the Gap. Such a chic update to the sometimes trashy denim skirt.

leave it to Chanel to perfect the denim trend with a classic staple to any wardrobe.

2. Nautical, its easy to find this trend in traditional colors like navy, white and red, but I’m also loving some of the pieces I’ve seen in neon hues!

Enjoy these pages of nautical fashion from ModCloth.

*Editors Note* I can no longer add images to this post, I think its getting too big :( I’ll pick up here on part II.

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