Shaun White Denim Snowboard Pants

So I’ve felt a little out of touch with the Olympics, since I was in NYC for fashion week, and didn’t have the chance to sit and watch any events. Well upon arriving home last night, my roomie ST, yelled for me to come to her room! I thought maybe she was so happy to have me home she wanted to see me one last time before she went to sleep. That was not the case. :) She called me in to show me Shaun White’s sweet snowboarding gear.

Honestly, how adorable is this. Now, I realize I am looking at this from a total outsiders pov, as I’ve never snowboarded in my life, but this outfit is so fashionable considering the usual options!

After some research I found that Burton the company that makes the pieces is not selling them, yet! I have a pretty strong feeling they will be on the market after how well Mr. White did last night!

Go Team USA!!! :)

2 thoughts on “Shaun White Denim Snowboard Pants

  1. eh…they were cool for your average day of snowboarding…but i wouldn’t say “olympic” cool – i felt that they didn’t look elite enough to actually belong in the olympics with what they were wearing. i mean yeah, we are america and the “jean” look is SO us…but class it up a little bit more…i just felt like he was going to bust out and chug a mountain dew…

  2. Yeah thats true Ra8chie. I love the jacket, I think that is a great way to show off red, white and blue though.

    Overall I’d say our athletes are pretty well dressed considering Mr. Ralph Lauren made their lounge gear! :)

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