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Hello friends! Well the day has come! September 10th, the start of fashion week and the Steelers season!

In honor of the start of the season. I had my funny friend A.D. type up a little rundown of the upcoming season. Aire, why didn’t you do it, you ask. Its because every time I tried to type something up it ended up just being about the Steelers. So I knew A.D. would do a much better job, he is a fun guy…

Well I just want to say thanks for giving me a chance to post on here and hope yall like it… Well its that time of year again as my tan fades away, and the nights go from long and warm, to short and cold, you know summer is over.. The rainbows get traded in for uggs and the board shorts and trucker hats get turned into jeans and a beanie.. Break out the pea coat and the body paint (not at the same time), because FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE. There are a few things I just want to mention but not go into because they have already been over done. Brett Favre, we need to change his name to FARREVER because he is never retiring. I think what he did to the Jets last year was awful and I think year after year this continues he is tarnishing his reputation. He was a great player, now he needs to just let go.

Next is Michael Vick. I know that what he did was awful and I am a big dog lover, but there are NFL players who kill PEOPLE who haven’t gone to jail and are still playing in the league and this guy killed and abused dogs (YAH I KNOW ITS AWFUL) but come-on. I’m glad the eagles gave him a chance I just wish he woulda went to some team I like a little bit more.. and speaking of teams I like more how about them STEELERS! What are the odds that the Steelers can be a dominate force like they were last year?? It is pretty ridiculous how long Big Ben and Hines Ward have been hooking up, almost as long as Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. Tony’s new girl is really sexy but what happens when he blows a game and she has to talk about how awful her main squeeze is?? Awkward much?

2 teams this year are going to try and take a page out of the falcons and ravens playbook.. The jets went out changed their defense and signed Matt Sanchez they are going to be looking for some rookie magic, although there is a lot of pressure on him, there is even more pressure on the number 1 pick Matthew Stafford. The 0-16 lions selected him first overall and he has to at least win 1 game.. and if he does will he be a hero?? Tom Brady is back so the patriots are going to be unreal again, the jets are in trouble because besides the regunned pats they also have to deal with buffalo and the new TO Show.. Is he gonna produce in buffalo? On the other side the Giants should be solid, their running game is gonna be unstoppable but there receiving core should be interesting… how long will the wild cat work for the dolphins before defensive start figuring it out and crushing Pennington.. Well that’s all for now thanks for letting me post and I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks A.D.

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  1. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!! aww i love your guest blogs/questions (when is that funny person gonna ask you more fashion questions!???), they make your blog so much fun!!


    lil sister.

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