Reader, weren’t you looking for new jeans?

I knew Alyssa Milano had a line of cute, fashionable sportswear. It wasn’t until recently that I checked out her site, I really loved her assortment, mostly because she does not offer pink jerseys, the biggest fashion faux pas!

The collection for the Steelers wasn’t very big, but I did find these jeans. With a blend of 98% Cotton 2% Spandex, these jeans will be perfect for gameday. And with those cute back pockets, its a great way to show off your team spirit!

How adorable is this sweater jacket! This cute, little thing will be sure to keep you warm for those Sunday night games. Check out the site for other great pieces. I think they would all make great additions to your team wardrobe. :)

2 thoughts on “Reader, weren’t you looking for new jeans?

  1. Hi There ;) I have bought several items of the Alyssa Milano line. To be honest. I wasn’t impressed. The quality (that you sometimes sacrifice when buying online) was minimal. It never looks the way it was suppose to on her. Not saying, I think something that looks on Alyssa Milano should look the same on me ;) But its just didn’t seem not worth the money. Even my friends at the Steeler bar commented when I wore it(then sent it back) looked cheap and not what they had seen on I don;t recomment buying it. Unfortunately, you put black and gold on something and people will buy it. That’s why Aire had mentioned that there was probably minimal things in the Steeler department. Go Steelers and BEAT THOSE TITANS!

  2. Hey,
    Did I ever tell you that Industrial Cotton started up their denim division for Alyssa Milano? Her line is owned by G-iii sports licensing division and of course, they had given us yet another project to launch. We had only helped them get on their feet by designing the denim for the NY and LA teams but it was definitely cool to be a part of. Shes got a good thing going for her (even though now, the quality may suck)-people will still buy it I guess! Anyways- Im interested to see if you like the jeans! :)

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