Old boots boring you? I’ve got a trick for you!

Have you ever invested in a pair of boots you just knew would work wonderfully in your wardrobe for years to come? I think we’ve all been there, by the 2nd or 3rd season you’re sick of looking at them. My friend MM was just complaining to me about this while I was in Chicago, I shared with her a little trick I use and she fell in love. So I decided to share with you! :) Its VERY simple and I bet you already own both items you need!

Take your favorite pair of knee to thigh high socks and turn them inside out before putting them on, next slip on your favorite calf to knee high boot. Fold over your printed socks on top of the boots, and ta da! You’ve give your 2007 investment a whole new look!

I found these 2, which I think will be a great match!

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