NFL’s Top 10 Tailgating Towns

Forbes Traveler has released a list of the top ten tailgating towns in the country. Joe Cahn is a lovely man who began traveling the U.S. in 1996 stopping to tailgate at every stadium

in the NFL that season. In total he has racked up, 500,000 miles and visited 500 tailgates since his start.
He judged each city using four factors, parking space, tradition, family and food. By the looks of his list, you can tell the teams records were not factored in, but I still think it is a very cool thing that he did.
His story has inspired me, I’m considering taking a similar journey in a quest to find the most fashionable sports fans in the NFL. I am now accepting financial backers.

I can’t help but think with the Steelers having the #1 female fan base, we here in Pittsburgh have a really good chance at becoming the #1 most fashionable fans.

P.S. My blog is celebrating its 2 month anniversary soon. Thanks for all of the support, I can’t believe how many people have read my blog! :)

One thought on “NFL’s Top 10 Tailgating Towns

  1. I saw that article!
    Haha the Jacksonville Jaguars could never win that. Ever. That is one reason why I am not a Jaguars fan.

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