My Interview With Laura Lane!

When my friend Dustin messaged me a few weeks ago and told me about this girl I HAD to follow on my Twitter, because in his words, she reminded him of me, I was a little apprehensive. But! after following the adorable Laura Lane for just a few days, I knew he was right! Her Twitter feed was filled with updates from NYFW as well as sport updates! I was so intrigued, so I reached out and asked if I could interview her! To my delight, she accepted. She was so kind and gracious. I hope you enjoy hearing more about her as much as I did. She truly is Athletichic! 

Aire: You have a very impressive resume, would you mind telling me a little about how you got started?

Laura: It was a lot of things that kind of fell into place. I was lucky because the USC football team had Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart when I was there and we were winning National Championships so covering the football team for the college paper and radio station meant that I was covering the game next to top sports journalists and learning from them. I was also hosting an entertainment show for the college TV station and anchoring for news broadcast. During all of this I became Ryan Seacrest’s intern for a year in college and watching him balance E! News, American Idol, Kiss FM, stepping in for Larry King Live and producing reality shows, really set the stage for time managing and more importantly, not putting all of your eggs in one basket. When I asked him why he worked so much, he said it was because his biggest fear was not having a job. I think I have a little bit of that ingrained in myself. I would hang out at The Soup tapings every week and if there’s one person who’s had the biggest affect on me it was Joel Mchale, who is one of the most talented and kindest people in the world! He has managed to have the best of both worlds: an incredibly successful career and a loving family and a personal life.

I really wanted to move to New York and I definitely wasn’t ready to leave a big city so instead of moving to a small town to become an anchor after college, I tried to go the back route and got a job as a production assistant at E! and then became an editorial assistant and reporter. I was also freelancing for ESPN and covering Lakers andDodgers games when I wasn’t at E!. I knew how lucky I was, but I really wanted to live in New York, because I had been in California my whole life. Six months after graduation, I met a magazine editor at an event who was hiring a New York reporter and three months later, I moved to the Big Apple. The rest is history!

A: You obviously love sports AND fashion, I know from experience it’s not easy to mix the 2. Did you ever think you’d find jobs that allowed you to enjoy both? And do you find it hard to keep them separate?

L: I was always told that it was best to pick a niche, but I could never fully commit myself to just covering entertainment, fashion or sports. I’m also a science geek and political science was my other major in college so needless to say, I have a lot of interests. I don’t necessarily recommend doing things the way I did, but for me it worked. I’ve kept one foot in both worlds, whether it’s been freelancing and covering games on the weekends or at night and
interviewing celebrities in the day. When I was hosting a poker show for ESPN, I was incredibly lucky that my magazine at the time valued me enough to let me drive up to Bristol Connecticut to shoot the show and not be in the office one day a week. Of course, I’d make it up by covering red carpet event at nights or on the weekends, but I know that not every employer is going to say, cool, no worries, just go and shoot a poker show during the work week or miss a week while you go
out to the World Series of Poker.

At Life & Style, I’m also lucky to work with people who also see the benefit. I covered the Super Bowl for Life & Style and my sports knowledge and experience definitely helps when it comes to interviews and access. On the other side, working in entertainment has given me a depth of knowledge that has helps out in my sports coverage. For one thing, I already know what projects athletes are working on off the court, who they’re dating and what they might be interested in! It
never hurts when trying to break the ice! The first story I ever wrote for ESPN was an interview with Spike Lee when he was filming his “day in the life of” documentary on Kobe Bryant. That’s kind of the perfect example of how my two worlds collide and it was my first big break at

I noticed you’ve been tweeting a lot about NYFW. Do you prefer the shows at Lincoln Center? I haven’t been since they moved, and wanted to get an expert’s thoughts! Also while speaking about NYFW, who is your favorite designer?

Yes, I love fashion week! The first fashion week I covered, my magazine’s offices were literally two blocks from Bryant Park. It’s was the perfect location! I could zip down to the chaos and excitement of fashion week, rush back to file a blog and transcribe celebrity interviews and then head back out for the next show. Bryant Park will always be synonymous with fashion, but the reality is, fashion week had outgrown the tents. Lincoln Center is known for so many other arts
outside of fashion — the opera, music, dance and theatre. It’s fitting that fashion week takes place in a space under that creative umbrella. And now that I’m at Life & Style magazine, which is located in New Jersey, Bryant Park isn’t any closer than Lincoln Center so selfishly speaking, I have no preference!

As for my favorite designer, Marchesa blows me away every year. When I attended my first Marchesa presentation, it felt like walking into an art gallery or a museum. Every piece is a work of art and absolutely stunning. I remember seeing the gold dress that Sandra Bullock ended up wearing when she won the Oscar for best actress. Up close it looked like liquid gold and I told my friend, if I went to the Oscars, I would wear that. Sure enough, someone did! Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig’s collection this year is to die for! There are two bronze-colored dresses that are just stunning and a cream and silver fitted dress with a ruffled organza and tulle bottom that would be a dream wedding dress.

When we’re not talking ball gowns, I also have to give a shout out to Tavik Swimwear. My best friend Nicole Hanriot is the designer and the suits are so badass. She just had a bunch of them in the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Celebrities like Rihanna wear them all of the time. She is beyond talented.

This is a question I get a lot, and my answer is always changing, who do you think has the most fashionable uniforms in the NFL? I can’t wait to see the Nike jerseys!

April can’t come soon enough! The NFL seems to be downplaying how much change Nike will actually make aesthetically by saying it’s more a technological change than design, but if the concept sketches are anything like the final product, it’s going to a more futuristic gladiator look and I dig it! Right now, I’m a sucker for the Patriots and the Jets jerseys. It’s hard to make red white and blue look bad and let’s be honest, Tom Brady will look good in anything. I know some people say the Jets green and white can be a little boring, but green’s one of my favorite colors and they’re my New York team. I went to USC so I’ve got to support my boy Mark Sanchez.

 And last but not least, with starts like Sean Avery, Baron Davis and Amar’e Stoudemire do you see the connection between fashion and 
athletes continuing to grow?

Absolutely! When I was in L.A. covering the Lakers, Lamar Odom would put on a different colored tailored suit after every game. It was hilarious and he definitely did it for the comedic factor. Style says a lot about a person’s brand. Athletes aren’t just getting endorsements and signing their name away to be slapped on a product anymore; now they’re helping design the products that they stand
behind. I’ll always think of Michael Jordan as setting the stage with the Nike Air Jordan shoe. Now you have Maria Sharapova designing clothes for Nike and shoes for Cole Haan. I hate the idea of
pigeonholing people in their careers. People can have interests and passions outside of sports. Fashion has really embraced athletes and welcomed them into their world. Sean Avery interning at Vogue is a great example of that. There’s also a natural connection when athletes start dating people in the fashion world — Tom Brady and Giselle, David and Victoria Beckham, Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker. This year at fashion week we had New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz at the Tommy Hilfiger mens collection show. It’s great and I’d love to see more athletes in the front row next year!

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