My day at LandShark Stadium

I’ve only been lucky enough to go a few Steelers away games. And I must say the one I recently attended at LandShark Stadium was one of the best. I’ve decided to share some pictures of this very colorful stadium with you. You may be confused by these pictures, because by the amount of Steelers fans you see, you may think you’re actually looking at Heinz Field.

view from the parking lot…..

tried to get a shot of all of the Steelers fans, there were too many….
Steelers nation….
Terrible Towel waving on the escalators…

Very colorful….

View from our seats……

OK, I must say some of their fans were the biggest jerks. Not only are they totally living in the past at LandShark Stadium (they played numerous clips of plays from games that happened before I was even born, like they happened yesterday) But! Their fans are also very uneducated when it comes to other teams in the NFL. Like this annoying guy behind me that I had a very “lovely” chat with. That’s a picture of him doing their annoying fins up dance. They had a different celebrity pop up on the screen every two seconds it seemed. Its sad that even with paying all of those celebrities their team/fans do not represent themselves well.

On that note…Go Steelers Nation!

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