Meet Josh of 6S Clothing!

I recently found out about the newest clothing line to come to Pittsburgh, 6 S Clothing, and I knew I had to cover it on my blog. Josh, the founder, was nice enough to answer some questions for me! 

What was the inspiration behind starting the brand? 
My initial thought was to basically create a new t-shirt company that would have all of these awesome motivational words/sayings on them. Sports is all about being successful, nobody likes to lose, the same can be said for life in general. So I thought the brand would really appeal to the masses, no matter what walk of life they may be in. Really, people do things in hopes of being a success and feeling a sense of accomplishment, so I guess that’s the reason behind getting 6S started.

Did you ever think one day you’d be running a t-shirt company?
Never, not in a million years! I competed in sports my entire life, for local community teams and schools, and even to this day recreation-ally  So I guess that’s really my only “IN” to the athletic apparel world. My professional background has been in software and web development, far from the fashion industry. So that experience has allowed me to develop and maintain our website,, which is a major aspect in today’s ecommerce world. Other than that, I’m a rookie in the apparel and fashion arena.

Do you consider yourself a stylish person? :) 
I have always been aware of fashion trends and consider myself a fashionable person. I was always matching fitted hats with shirts and shoes and the whole nine yards. As I get older and start a family, I try to fight off the typical “Dad” clothing as much as possible. I think I’ve been able to do a good job of that.

Who do you consider your style icon? 
I don’t really have a singular style icon. If I think something looks good on me and makes me feel good and comfortable then I will wear it, no matter the color, pattern, style, or brand. 

What is your dream/goal of the company? 
I want people to be able to connect with our brand. Whether they are going to workout, practice, or play a pickup game, they should be able to put on one of our shirts, look down at our logo or the text on the shirt, and be inspired to go out and accomplish their goals for the day. 

Who do you think has the best uniforms in sports?
Oregon football. Their uniforms are always changing, from colors to designs. They have done an awesome job at creating their own notoriety and brand in a sense. Even if people don’t like the uniforms they still talk about them, which can be just as beneficial.

Be sure to check out the site, and let me know, what do you plan on buying? :)

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