I heart Fall!

(Image courtesy of shoppingblog.com)
So like most people Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is just right, football is starting, fashion weeks around the world are taking place, and the layering of clothes has begun!

I’ve been waiting to discuss fall trends with you because unlike spring, I can never decide on just a few that I like!

One trend that I’ve been wanting to talk about since February is Fifties glam. Now I know for a lot of ladies this trend has never really gone out of style. However, for the shoppers who are less inclined to thrift or vintage shop, but love a full dress, this is your season!

Gaining the most press about this trend would have to be Louis Vuitton, and rightfully so. Look at that ad. It is perfection. Also be sure to check out, Callula Lillibelle, Timo Weiland, Gary Graham, and Rachel Antonoff for inspiration and for much more affordable pieces ModCloth always comes through with vintage inspired items!

Enjoy dressing like a lady again! I know I will! :)

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