Gabe’s outfit.

As soon as I found out I was going to be featured in Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine,  I knew I wanted my good friend Gabe to model for me.

Not only is he a good friend, he is also built like a real model, aka very simple to dress!

Gabe is wearing a pair of Calvin Klein jeans from Marshalls. I love the distressed wash with the vintage looking shirt. You can find lots of options on CK’s site.

When it came to Gabe’s shirt I knew I didn’t want to make it super trendy, I wanted classic, almost vintage Stillers. I love the applique on this t-shirt! And the awesome Steelers logo on the sleeve. It was soft and breathable.

Gabe and I debated on his shoes, I wanted more of a loafer boot, but he really liked these, and I have to say I was happy with the result. You can find them at Dick’s.

Now, the greatest part of this outfit, my Steelers belt buckle that I never let out of my sight. :) I purchased this one in Chinatown in NYC years ago, but I found similar ones.

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