Femme Football

Showing up at New York Fashion Week in a Swarovski-detailed Jets jerseys? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it, but that is exactly what Suzanne Johnson, the wife of Jets owner Woody Johnson did! A women after my own heart. Fashion Week, Football and Sparkles!

Suzanne was taking the opportunity to show off items from the latest NFL Women’s collection. Although the collection has been around for years, this is the 2nd year of the fashion push from the NFL. And personally I couldn’t be happier. Perhaps they’ve stumbled across my blog?

This year’s ad campaign is centered around rivalries in the NFL, featuring wives, and daughters of some of the NFL’s most well known coaches and owners. This idea is continued on to a lookbook on their site. Each week a new fashion is featured for the biggest rivalry game of the week.

What I like most about this is that I have been pretty impressed with the quality of the items from these collections. As I’ve mentioned in past posts I find it very frustrating that so many people slap an NFL team logo on a low quality item and charge so much $ for it. As an employee of the fashion industry I typically have higher standards for the things I buy, but to me this is a no brainer, we deserve good quality items to properly cheer on our teams!

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