Farm to Table Faux Pas

My ex blog manager (we parted on good terms) and I went to the Farm to Table food tasting on Friday. It was a unique experience and I’m glad we went! I had been dying to check out our new convention center, it is beautiful! As well as the views!!

I heard one of the vendors telling someone there were 3 times as many people this year as LY! Keep up the good work Pittsburgh!

On to business….

While walking around I saw a girl from afar, I blinked because I thought I was seeing things…
Sadly, I was not, there she is . Tube dress, belted, OK, that is cute, a little weird for March, but I could get past that….it was from her knees down where it went all wrong…She had on brown tights, brown flats and grey knit leg warmers?! The color combo didn’t bother me, that is great you’re mixing neutral tones, but dear, why the leg warmers? Especially with the bare shoulders, the balance of this outfit was so off. Please dear readers take note, no leg warmers if the upper half of your body is embracing spring…

One thought on “Farm to Table Faux Pas

  1. sister!! the new background of your blog looks like the background of RACHEL’S SNOWBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!,default,pd.html?dwvar_220556_variationSize=149&start=12&cgid=womens-boards&index=12&masterID=220556&top=906&key=cgid%3Dwomens-boards

    and sister im nervous..what if the person you wrote about finds this >.< but yes i agree – get season-centric with your outfits.

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