Dress to Impress

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have been on the lookout for fashionable football wear. I have a few fun dresses to report.

My findings, of course, are for my favorite team, the Steelers. I am hoping this post will help to inspire those of you that follow other teams, to think outside of the box too. Don’t be afraid to be the fashionable fan! If you need help finding items in your team’s colors, let me know! :)

All of these dresses are from my favorite on-line shop, ModCloth.com
I can’t wait to pair these dresses with either my Steelers belt (below), knee high Steelers socks, or a cute Terrible Towel scarf!

My favorite find is actually named after a Steeler!

This one is adoooorable! And on sale for $21.99!

And for your more formal affairs…love this one!

Here we go….

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