Dona Jo Fitwear-Be Exclusive, Active & Fun!

I had the pleasure of meeting with Ashley, the designer behind Dona Jo Fitwear. The company that is changing how we do fitwear! Fashionably!! 

While I browsed the latest and greatest pieces, Ashley answered some questions for me! 

What was the inspiration behind starting the brand? 
My inspiration came from me not being able to find what I loved about Brazilian workout apparel…colors, prints and textures! My husband, Raphael, is from Brazil and we started brainstorming on how we could bring fitness apparel to life in the US. I wanted to do away with the black pants and black tank top look. But…we couldn’t just bring the existing fitness apparel from Brazil, we had to modify the design, lines, and quality to fit the American standards. 

Did you ever think one day you’d be running a clothing company ?
I never thought in a million years I would be running a clothing company. I always loved clothes, I mean what girl doesn’t! But, I didn’t go to school for fashion design or merchandising. The only retail experience I had before starting my line was CAbi…home party direct selling company. I think there was a reason I did that, to prep me for selling my own line. Before doing this, I worked in Marketing at a direct mail company in Freedom, PA for two years.  

Do you consider yourself a stylish person? 
I am way more fashionable at the gym. I think its because I am more comfortable there! I am fashionable in everyday life too, just not SO fashionable if you know what I mean. 

Who do you consider your style icon? 
I don’t really have a style icon. I love boho chic so anything like that is so me. I love Rachel Zoe so her style is so me in everyday life. 

What is your dream/goal of the company? 
 My dream/goal for the company is to help empower women to feel sexy and confident while doing physical activity of any kind. Really, we shouldn’t be looking frumpy at the gym in our boyfriend’s old t-shirt and gym shorts. Yea, you may think you look slim in black but your just covering your body. Express yourself! 

I love the goal Ashley has for her company!! Feel empowered, be colorful and happy! :)
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