Big Ben is a nice guy

Last week during all of the interviews Ben did about the Hines “controversy” I noticed he was wearing a State Police hat. I found it to be an odd choice, not just from a fashion point of view, but overall. After some research I found out Ben + the police = BFF.

Ben recently gave $250,000 to the Pittsburgh police and fire departments for canine armor. And it didn’t end in Pittsburgh, he made donations all around the country. Even in Cincinnati . For a full report, as well as all of the locations where the donations will be made, check out his official site. Keep up the good work Ben. :)

3 thoughts on “Big Ben is a nice guy

  1. I am glad I’m not the only women who loves fashion and football…Pittsburgh ladies truly are unique, we are some of the few that can remain feminine while appreciating the intricacies of a male driven pastime…Have you ever gone to the Steeler Fashion Show? I read about it recently but don’t know what the deal is…like does one need to be invited or something, cause I would love to cover it.
    P.S. thanks for the comment :)

  2. Hi!
    Yeah I briefly talked about it in this post,

    From what I have heard is in years past they actually put together outfits for the players to wear, and it really was a fashion show, this year it was up to the players to come up with outfits and it was more just for charity. I of course would love to put something together where it would actually be fashionable sportswear….maybe soon! :)

    Thanks for visiting my site!

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