ATM woes

So working in the strip district is awesome, and troublesome at the same time! I stopped by my bank’s ATM yesterday only to discover to get to it I had to walk through 2 tables filled with Penguin and Steelers shirts!! And for only $7 !! I’m not that strong…I caved and bought this….

I think its very Alexandra McQueen meets Steelers….my from AOP tells me otherwise…I’m sticking with McQueen :)

You should probably all go get one while they last…they’re so chic.

3 thoughts on “ATM woes

  1. I was breed, born and raised in Houston, TX, but I am a Steeler fan for life!!! This t shirt is crazy. I would love to buy it, please tell me you give me a link, email, somebody, somewhere who I can contact to purchase this shirt???

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