Another Hodepodge day, Big Ben and PETA

As a follow up to my Olympic mention yesterday, I thought it was only right to share PETA’s website about the Vancouver games with you. I know not everyone always agrees with PETA but in the case of the baby seals, I can’t really see an argument for it…

Part of my daily routine for years has been to read Page Six on the NY Post website, it rarely features athletes from non-NY teams. So imagine my surprise yesterday when I was clicking through and saw this face…

Apparently according to the story Ben dropped $10 outside of a Chicago night club a nice girl tried to return it to him and he acted like a jerk and wouldn’t acknowledge her. I totally believe this story because my friends once bought him a shot when we saw him out one night and he totally ignored her. Oh Ben, why must you act like a diva?!

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