Ali’s yellow dress from The Bachelor

Update 3/28/2011–

One of my dear friends KN came to me to help track down who made Ali’s yellow dress that she wore on a recent episode of The Bachelor. KN is hoping to convince her friend to make these her bridesmaid dresses. I love projects like this, LOVE them.

Here is the dress worn by Ali…

Unfortunately I was only able to find the dress in mustard yellow, not canary yellow like the one above. Its my hope that the company will remake the canary yellow version due to the buzz about this dress from the show.

(image from LuLu’s)

Need help tracking something down?? Don’t know what to wear to a party?? E-mail me and I can help you out! :)

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Ali’s yellow dress from The Bachelor

  1. Do you know who the company is that makes this dress. I love them as well and am considering having them as my bridemaids dresses.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Sadly I do not. Lulu’s the site that carries the mustard version does not have the company on their website. You could try reaching out to them?!

  3. Thanks for info Dana. I have to warn people that the version you found is a lot cheaper and that worries me about the quality. Especially if they are considering it for a bridesmaid dress.

  4. Hey Dana!
    Thanks, that will probably be huge help to people!!! People often think they’re getting a deal by paying less, but in the end you’re not because the quality is so poor.

    Thanks for stopping by again! :)

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