Aire to the rescue!

So my dear friend A.K. has come to me with a few questions involving some trends in menswear.

Question 1…

So this month’s issue of GQ says that, for men, the hot new look is epaulettes on dress shirts (a la the Boy Scout of America uniform, not the huge military cavalry ones). When glancing at the gentlemen modeling these shirts, the first thought I have after “So THAT’S what you look like if you live on creatine and lettuce” is “What a douche.” I’m not trying to be the dictator-for-life of a small country, and my Boy Scout days are good and behind me, so tell me – should I truly be considering giving my shoulders some extra pizzaz?

Answer, there are two things I need to address with this question. I feel for guys because I think it is a lot harder to interpret menswear trends into everyday life, than it is for women. With that being said, like you pointed out, these men are models who are paid to look good in clothing. It is all about taking the trends and figuring out ways to interpret them into something you’ll be comfortable in. Most magazines are going to show high end designers that your everyday guy won’t be wearing. In the case of the epaulets I found some great options from Kenneth Cole, that include the trend, but in a toned down way, much less dictatorish.

Question 2….

GQ told me to wear a light-weight day-glo colored vest over a shirt and tie, but under a sports coat. How hard should I be laughing at the moron with a cobalt-blue vest stuffed under his suit top, making him look like a stay-puft marshmellow going to a job interview?

Answer. I’m all for being fashionable, and following trends, but sometimes its not a bad idea to ignore a few. This would be one of them. When wearing something as classic as a three piece suit, stick to the basics. If you’d like to wear this trend, try doing it on a casual day, but even then I’m not crazy about this look.

Keep the questions coming! I love them!

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