Monthly Archives: March 2014

Personal Stylist Needed?

Hi everyone!

You’re enjoying my style inspiration, shopping guides, and fashion tips, right?

Well, I’m starting to offer one-on-one personal styling sessions! Now, I can help you look amazing and develop your own personal style.

Here’s how it works: go to my profile on Share Some Style and click “get styled”. You’ll tell me a bit about your style goals, I’ll respond with answers to your questions and some outfit inspiration, and then we’ll set up a time for a “closet audit”.

We’ll meet at your home (if you’re in the Pittsburgh area) or online through video chat. I’ll go through your wardrobe piece-by-piece, and help you create all-new looks by mixing and matching your current clothes.

We’ll also:

- get rid of worn or ill-fitting items

- answer all your styling questions

- create a prioritized shopping list that will fill the holes in your wardrobe with awesome


Sound fun? Book me here: