Monthly Archives: June 2012

People Are Finally Listening!

I mean, where do I begin…since I started this blog in 2009 I’ve been dreaming of a day that something like this would happen! And the day has finally come…

WWD reported today that with the help of Suzanne Johnson the NFL is stepping up their fashion game for the start of the new season! Suzanne really set the bar high by pairing her NFL items with a lot of her favorite Hermes pieces. Hermes + NFL, I never thought I’d see the day!

Can’t wait to see the “It’s My Team Campaign” debuting this August in many fashion and lifestyle magazines!

As if this wasn’t exciting enough for me, Georgina Chapman head designer of Marchesa designed limited edition shirts to debut at the start of this season!!!

With all of this excitement I’m not sure who to talk to about collaborating on this as I’ve been asking for it for 2 years! :)