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2012 Fabric

As we all sit and wait for news about the additions to our team in 2011 we must keep in mind the draft is well over a month away!

So in the meantime let’s go a step further and discuss 2012 fabric trends for menswear. 2012 should be an exciting year with the launch of the NFL uniforms made by Nike and the continuation of causal luxury fabrics.

“Casual luxury continues to be the driving trend in men’s wear fabrics for spring-summer 2012, seen in an array of noble qualities with a relaxed, sporty feel. Sportswear fabrics are looking cleaner and more luxurious, while tailoring trends fall into two camps: ultraclassic sartorial fabrics or updated, lighter and softer reinterpretations of traditional cloths.

For example, at the recent Première Vision Paris fabric fair, a number of British mills introduced relaxed yet ever-elegant versions of Savile Row-flavored tailoring fabrics in fresh, light colors like sky blue, olive and burnt orange. These included a clean-cut herringbone linen design by Abraham Moon & Sons and gossamer T-shirt qualities by Johnstons of Elgin, a specialist in cashmere and fine wools based in Scotland.”–WWD

I don’t know about you, but I don’t even wear menswear and I am excited for what the future holds! 

Brooks Brothers

My style has never been anything close to what people consider preppy, or classic for that matter, so it has always surprised me that I enjoy Brooks Brothers clothing so much. Now I’ll never purchase anything from them, but I can appreciate them on clients of mine. So you can imagine my excitement when I read of the youthful turn they are taking with their Fall collection.

Now I admit some of the items look a little played out to me, and overdone by every preppy retailer out there, but some of the pieces really stood out!

One thing you will always receive with BB clothing, amazing quality and workmanship! I may need to make my first purchase from them this fall?!

Fall 2011 trends

(Image courtesy of WWD)

You know one of my favorite things to share with you are the new trends popping up during Fashion Week. I want nothing more than for you to go pick classic pieces on sale now and be ready for next fall. :)

So get your luxurious side ready!  “Designers are pouring on the luxury, sending out a strong texture message with rich furs, chunky knits and smart tweeds”–WWD

I LOVE chunky knits and tweeds, I say the more the merrier! And this animal print outwear from The Row is fantastic. I found a great lower prices alternative for you to pick now and be ahead of the game for next year!


The You’ve Been Spotted Coat is a steal from ModCloth at only $69.99

The most stylish athletes are…….

Hockey players! A friend of mine shared this post from The Stylistocrat.  They like me were impressed by the way the Penguins and Crapitals (that’s not a typo) dressed during the Winter Classic. Well they found out that during the collective bargaining agreement in 2005 a dress code was written into the players contract.

Tres chic! You know how much I love Astor&Black, well it’s not surprise they picked up this story as well.

So fellas, tell me, does this inspire you?
I tried to help the ladies out with my styling work on this spread for Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine, maybe I should do the same for the guys?


Last week during my radio interview I made the comment about the Steelers gold really being  yellow under the Pantone color system. It wasn’t until afterward when my friend asked me what Pantone was that I realized it is not a common company for people outside of the fashion industry.

Talk of the Pantone color system has been in my vocabulary since the first week of fashion school and something I’ve always enjoyed talking about and staying on top of.

So you can imagine my excitement when a friend of mine told me about the NPR story covering Pantone!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it and the fascinating way they literally control the fashion industry!

Superbowl Heartache….

(Image courtesy of WWD)

What better way to get over the aching in your heart from the superbowl, than to talk about Spring trends!

In this article from October 13th 2010, I know that was awhile ago, but I save articles like this for moments such as these. :) Anyway back to the trend, denim was everywhere, extending past just jeans to chic dresses and even suits (pictured above).

I found a few great pieces for you to purchase now and wear all through summer!

This puff sleeve denim dress from the Gap is adorable and a perfect way to easily interpret the trend! And it has pockets! Ahhh dresses with pockets!

I’m not ready to fully embrace the comeback of denim jackets, but this denim biker jacket is a start in the right direction!

So tell me, which spring trend are you excited about? Or better yet, how are you getting over the superbowl? :(

Cookie Lee

Have you heard of Cookie Lee?? If not please be sure to read the below information, I think you’ll love it! Even if you have heard of it, have you ever considered being a hostess or host for one of their parties?

My friend Colleen is a senior consultant and has been with the company for 3 years!

Some things she loves about being a part of Cookie Lee…

*You can shop at home in your pj’s now…online shopping via  my website, shipped directly to you!

*My Cookie Lee Jewelry business helps my family with the “extras” in life.  I am able to put my daughter through preschool with my business.  I work when I want to where I want to.  I am my own boss.

*The new Spring and Summer catalog is by far my most favorite catalog!  There is something for everyone in this catalog, from pearls, to blacks.  Golds to silvers – and everything in between.  80 % of the catalog is under $36!  With most necklaces being multifunctional-giving you at least 3 different ways to wear, that would be approximately $12 a necklace – with only really buying one!

*Hostesses earn Free, half off and discounted jewelry!  The average hostess earns $300 + in a jewelry shopping spree! 

*The parties are upbeat – no presentations!  Feel free to try the jewelry on, model for other guests, and fall in love with the jewelry!  Anytime a show is booked at your show and held, you will receive $25 to spend at that show!

*The job.  Who can say they love their job? Not many.  The few that do are very lucky.  I love my job.  I stay at home with my two young children during the day, and work when I want.  Cookie Lee is one of the only direct sales companies that you make fifty percent profit on every sale!   There is also a wonderful trip every year that consultants can earn, called the Dream Getaway Trip!  Consultants earn points based on sales and recruits.  Just announced for 2012…all inclusive trip to Puerto Rico!  yep…all inclusive  EVERYTHING!  There are three different sign up options.  Best Value – for just $650…you will get $1000 retail in jewelry of your choice and your kit to get started!  Basic Value – for just $335…you will get $325 retail in jewelry of your choice and your kit to get started!  You pay shipping on both!  There is also the $99 option…the budget friendly option! Ask for details!  You can visit my website anytime for more information!

*Cookie Lee Jewelry parties are a ton of fun – most often done in two hours.  Imagine, inviting your girlfriends over to talk and accessorize for the Spring and Summer and earn tons of free jewelry by doing so!

Contact Colleen if you’re interested!