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NFL woos women shoppers

My friend sent me an awesome article from Fox Sports talking about the NFL’s $10 million marketing effort to woo female fans to their new and improved site,

Finally the league is paying attention to the fan base that makes up 44% of its fans!

There is talk of creating spa gift bags with natural brown sugar scrub, Mediterranean sea salts and goat’s milk and honey lotion with team logos. Those bags come with team-spirited nail polish, such as black and yellow for Pittsburgh Steelers fans, see above.

As much as this is a step in the right direction, I hope they do not just slap the team logo on a crappy product and expect us to purchase it! My wish is for quality products we can be proud to wear and use!

I hope you’re listening NFL……

Take action with the NFL….

I’m taking a break from detailing out the photo shoot outfits to tell you about an important event taking place this weekend.

Follow the link to this site, and join your favorite NFL team to help end breast cancer and create a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays. All you have to do is choose your NFL team and pledge to donate a dollar for each point they score.

Go teams and you! :)

Sara’s Outfit

I had a reader contact me this weekend about the outfits that I styled and featured in my Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine article.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this! I will detail out each outfit. Starting today with my friend Sara. :)

Her shirt from the Victoria’s Secret PINK NFL collection. You can purchase it here

Her boyfriend jeans are from American Eagle, I just cuffed the 2 1/2 times if you’re hoping to get the same look. :)

The belt is mine and vintage, but you can easily re-create the look with any silver belt you have. :)

The heels are Jessica Simpson from Macy’s. They’re on sale. :)

Now on to the accessories. :) The bracelet and is from Hometowne Sports in Station Square, the earrings are from and the bag is from Sportzburgh in the airport, but I also saw one similar at Hometowne Sports.

Happy shopping! If you want any other pointers or help putting together an outfit, e-mail me. :)

Need help finding something?

I still receive so much traffic from my post about finding Ali’s yellow dress from The Bachelor! As I mentioned in that post, I love projects like this! So I thought it would be a good time to remind you, that all you have to do is e-mail me the details of the item you saw/are looking for, and I’ll do the rest!

So that is closet styling and fashion detective work, that I can add to my resume :) :)

Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine

I briefly mentioned my photo shoot with Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine on my blog, but now that the issue is out, it is time to talk to up!

Make sure you pick up the Fall 2010 issue of Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine to see the article on me and Athletichic.

Now I can share the pictures with you from the shoot that didn’t make it into the issue.

Special shout out to my models and the awesome photographer, Michelle Russ.

Check out the rest of pictures….I had so much fun styling the outfits, and overseeing the shoot! It was a blast!

"Whatever It Takes: Steelers Fan Collections, Rituals, and Obsessions"

Remember back in July when I told you to submit your Steelers craziness to the “Whatever It Takes: Steelers Fan Collections, Rituals, and Obsessions” exhibit? Well I hope you did because I most likely snapped a picture of it on Friday night.

I had to split my time up Friday night, between Fashion Night Out and THE IMMACULATE RECEPTION. Such an Athletichic night.

First stop was the Miller Gallery @ Carnegie Mellon University to check out the exhibit. I was hesitant to share pictures with you because I don’t want you to feel like you don’t have to go now. For those reading this that are out of state, this for you. For those of you in PA, Go! Its free and literally breathtaking to see the collection of our fan’s devotion. Friday night was an open reception sponsored by Iron City. Iron City and Steelers a match made in heaven.

Check out some of my favorite items…also be sure to go yourself. The exhibit is there until January 30th 2011.

Heinz Field replica.
Steelers t-shirt wall, some mass produced, some homemade
Live feed to the Steelers bar in Rome, Italy. The owner comes to a game every year!
A density map of Steeler bars around the world!
This man completely relocated his basement to this exhibit!
This man completely relocated his basement to this exhibit!

How NFL teams got their nicknames

(Image courtesy of CNN)

This article popped up on my Gmail bar this morning, and I really enjoyed it, so I wanted to share with you. :)

I personally enjoyed the Steelers story. We have the most dedicated fans!

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh’s football team shared the same nickname as the city’s baseball team, the Pirates, from 1933 to 1940.

Before the 1940 season, owner Art Rooney held a rename-the-team contest. A change couldn’t hurt, as Pittsburgh had failed to post a winning season in its first seven years.

Joe Santoni, who worked in a mill for Pittsburgh Steel, was one of several fans who suggested Steelers. Santoni received a pair of season tickets, which he would renew every year until his death in 2003.

Happy NFL season to you and yours….

People often ask me why I do not discuss actual football games/stats on my blog. I usually just shake my head, no one wants to hear what I have to say. That’s what my friends and family are for because they have no choice. :)

I was thinking this summer I would maybe take a different approach with my blog this season, and start to review games. I’m still undecided on that…

However, if I had to write a season preview it would sound a lot like this. I love this article for so many reasons, and I hope you do too. I was sold after the 4th paragraph!

Happy NFL season to you! :)