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College football

With the start of college football just days away, PITT kicks off Thursday, don’t forget to stock up on the latest from Victoria’s Secret PINK Collegiate Collection.

With new styles and schools added, its a must shop location! I know we were all excited about its launch last season! I personally enjoy the pieces much more this time around! Look at that cardigan…its perfect for night games as well as class on Monday!

Get your credit cards ready…

I read about this company, Believe Merch on That’s Church. She posted the above shirt on her blog. I quickly clicked the link and fell in love. How great are these shirts!

Printed on Printed on Heather Black AnvilSustainable™ Eco Friendly Short Sleeve Crew Neck tee.
An ultra-soft, super comfy unisex T-shirt that feels like you’ve owned it for years the moment you put it on, and for years to come.

Check them out, you won’t be sorry!

Their QB is cuter than ours

(Photo courtesy of WWD)

After living in NYC for years I actually found myself not caring for most of their sports teams because of their fans. It may have been the bandwagon Giants fans, the obnoxious Jets fans, I could go on…

One thing I had to face was how cute the newest QB to set foot in NYC was. Mark Sanchez is adorable, and from stories I have heard, a nice guy too. This is the point where I will bypass comparing him to our QB and continue on with the fashion….

According to the article in today’s WWD, there have been rumors circulating about which ad Mark’s adorable face will land on. Based on info in the article, I think we may be seeing a Hugo Boss collaboration announced very soon.

So it got me thinking, where would you like to see him end up if you could choose??

The Cut: 100 Reasons to Get Excited for Fall

I was so thrilled to see this tweet from The Cut, one of my favorite Fashion Blogs,

100 Reasons to Get Excited for Fall

Now do you see what I mean, how do I pick just a few trends to be excited about! Since The Cut has access to shops, brands and people that I do not, I’ve decided to share the list they put together of 100 retailers items they are most excited about for fall.

The pictures I have included are a just a few of my favorites from the list.

From the affordable (H&M) to the splurges (Tory Burch and Calvin Klein), the list has it all. So tell me what are you most excited about for Fall???

Under Armour Debuts Basketball – Footwear News –

(Photo courtesy of

After years of dressing players on football fields across the country Under Amour is finally taking their goods to the court. On October 30th they will officially launch their basketball collection.

With the success they have had in recent years its kind of surprising that they did not rush to get a basketball collection in the market! According to the article this collaboration has been years in the making, and they wanted to take their time to perfect it.

Hopefully it will be well worth the wait!

Under Armour Debuts Basketball – Footwear News –

The return to fabulous

With the return to ladylike styles for women, it only makes sense that the trend would make its way to menswear.

I don’t know about you but nothing screams polished, like a nice suit. Enter the WWD article from March 11th 2010 that highlights the popularity of customs suits in the mass market.

With prices ranging from $300-$900, this new crop of custom suit retailers have been going head to head with department stores and their off the rack suits.

My.Suit seems to be doing everything right in this market, sadly the closest store is on Madison Ave. in NYC. Have no fear though, Astor & Black and Indochino are available. Both sites offer custom suits for under $500 that can be delivered in a matter of weeks.

What are you waiting for guys?? Hopefully one day soon we’ll all look like cast members from Mad Men.

I heart Fall!

(Image courtesy of
So like most people Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is just right, football is starting, fashion weeks around the world are taking place, and the layering of clothes has begun!

I’ve been waiting to discuss fall trends with you because unlike spring, I can never decide on just a few that I like!

One trend that I’ve been wanting to talk about since February is Fifties glam. Now I know for a lot of ladies this trend has never really gone out of style. However, for the shoppers who are less inclined to thrift or vintage shop, but love a full dress, this is your season!

Gaining the most press about this trend would have to be Louis Vuitton, and rightfully so. Look at that ad. It is perfection. Also be sure to check out, Callula Lillibelle, Timo Weiland, Gary Graham, and Rachel Antonoff for inspiration and for much more affordable pieces ModCloth always comes through with vintage inspired items!

Enjoy dressing like a lady again! I know I will! :)

Inspired after my photo shoot!

RaidersFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

I was so inspired by the positive feedback I’ve received on the Athletichic photo shoot yesterday (I’m going to be featured in Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine). That I’ve decided to run with it! This Raiders outfit is in honor of my model GT. He is a Raiders fan through and through, but he sucked it up and posed in head to toe Steelers gear for me. :)

You may notice the outfit is missing shoes. I’m waiting patiently for someone to come out with cute NFL shoes!!!

Raiders by aireb204 featuring FOSSIL watches