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Spring 2010 Trends, Part V

I’m happy to announce the 5th spring trend for 2010. This one may be a little more difficult to capture, because it hasn’t quite hit mainstream stores yet. AKA, the trend I want to wear the most! :) I just love the bohemian look in the summer! I love layering tons of necklaces with flowy dresses and adorable flip flops or wedges!

Trend # 5, Tribal chic!

(Image courtesy of Dan and Corina Lecca)

If you’re OK with investing a little more, this leather dress from Tory Burch is adorable! Yes its leather! Why am I calling it an investment? Well you can easily wear this piece in every season! Its quite a steal when you look at it that way!

This next little number comes from French Connection. I loooove the embroidery around the neckline! This would be a great dress to have in your closet, because you can easily dress it up with some chunky turquoise accessories and killer heels, or dress it down for your multiple wedding showers this summer with fun flip flips and big hoop earrings. *Sigh* I need it!

Macy’s “fashion forward” brand INC, also has some affordable pieces that easily work into this trend!

RIP my favorite sunglasses

Sorry to disappoint, but I will not be posting today, I’m not really taking a lunch break, and I’m too sad about the loss of my favorite sunglasses. Pittsburgh friends, if you see these guys anywhere…let your favorite blogger know, and when they don’t respond because they don’t know what you’re talking about, let me know. : )

Have a nice weekend!

Spring 2010 Trends, Part IV

(Image courtesy of Imaxtree)

I don’t know guys….at
first I never really thought this whole athletchic trend would take off, I mean I always hoped it would, but never really believe it would!
So imagine the joy my little heart felt when I saw this article on The Cut! Now to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure sweatpants were really what I had in mind…but..none the less, I’m excited to see how this trends plays out.

Spring trend #4. Sweatpants! *cough, cough* I can’t believe I just typed that.

I found this nifty little pair at Rag & Bone.

And who could forget the ones I spotted at J Crew.

I’m excited to work with this trend…let me know if you do too! I’d love to post your pic! E-mail me. :)

Help Support Me!!

Hi readers!! I’m taking part in the 2010 MS Walk in Pittsburgh on April 18th. I’m walking because a dear, dear, dear friend of mine, who is like a 2nd mother to me, has MS. I will be walking along side Ru while her husband pushes her in her wheelchair. It means a lot to me to help give towards a cause that hits so close to home for this special family.

Please visit my personal page, and consider donating for the walk! Every little bit counts!! Thanks!! :)

Spring 2010 Trends, Part III (for real this time)

Hello kids! I now present Spring 2010 trend #3, I promise this is not an April Fools Joke.

Trend #3, Utilitarian Chic. I love that this trend comes back about every other spring. Its such a fun one to work into your wardrobe again! And the greatest thing about it, it rarely requires buying new pieces..

I love the flowy dress with the tough utilitarian jacket…and the belt completes it perfectly!
(Image courtsey of Dan & Corina Lecca)
In case you’re looking for a few new pieces to rock this trend..I found this great jacket from The Gap and pants from J Crew, both totally affordable, quality items.