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Guest writer: Marc Parker

Today’s post comes from a reader, Marc Parker. Marc approached me about sharing his message for bringing the World Cup to America. I’m excited to share this with you. Enjoy!


Committee’s Bid For World Cup Hopes To Bring Games And Culture To America

By Marc Parker

In two months when the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in South Africa it will bring with it a new level of attention and popularity for the game of soccer. The majority of the world is accustomed to the popularity of the sport since soccer is widely considered the “globe’s game.” However, in the United States, soccer is not as popular because American football, baseball, basketball, hockey and NCAA collegiate games all steal the spotlight first. The good news is that the love for soccer has been increasing in the U.S. and its’ popularity is spreading rapidly across a lot more American homes. As the World Cup approaches and talk of soccer picks up, Americans are rediscovering the importance of bringing the 2018 or 2022 World Cup to American soil.

The 1994 World Cup (the last time the games were held in the United States) was attended by a total of 3.6 million people, which is still a record even though the games have expanded. From a United States perspective, it was the highest attended single sporting event in U.S. history. That just goes to show you the power the games have even in a country where soccer usually plays second fiddle. With Team USA posed to begin their quest for their first ever World Cup, and America ready to root them on, 2018/2022 is the time to bring the cultural relevance of the world’s most popular sport back to America.

The World Cup gives the United States a chance to bring together and play host for a variety of cultures, showcasing to the world that America is a global country – a quality that they’ve prided themselves on possessing since their inception. The United States Bid Committee understands the significance of hosting such an event and has pulled out all the stops to bring the games to America over other locations like England and Japan. The U.S. Committee’s board of directors is made up of important figures like U.S. Soccer President, Sunil Gulati, Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg, Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Counselor to former President Clinton, Doug Band.

The latest addition of Doug Band to the U.S. Committee is a smart move on behalf of the committee because Band, an avid fan of the game, is co-creator of the Clinton Global Initiative, and has worked tirelessly to help millions across the globe, adding an internationally recognized face on America’s bid. Band’s commitment and global understanding is exactly what the Committee needs to make the 2018/2022 World Cup in America a reality.

The United States wants to bring the world’s attention to America by hosting the World Cup and demonstrating their embrace for the international game of soccer. Billions of people come together under the banner of soccer and root for their country’s team in hopes of holding the cup. Winning the World Cup bid will hopefully convey the message that America welcomes diversity and respects worldwide culture.

Congrats Kent State!

My alma mater Kent State’s fashion school recently held a competition with their current design students.

The competition was judged by Jeffery Chow! Who was recently named an up and coming designer in “The September Issue”

Very exciting! All of this fun, even brought them a mention in WWD! Congrats!!!


So I was purposely going to take a break from posting, in an effort to keep my Spring Trend #7 post front and center for as long as possible. Funny, as life goes, I had to make an emergency trip to the doctor yesterday, aka, I couldn’t have posted anyway. And now today I’m off to Florida for a long weekend with my fam. With allll of that being said, I will resume my posting on Tuesday! Happy draft day! And Go Pens!!

I’ll be back Tuesday with an awesome post, I’m so excited to do it!! Woot!

Spring 2010 Trends, Part VII

I happily bring you spring trend #7!!!!! Very happily!

Spring trend #7, FOOTBALL!!! As I mentioned in my post awhile back, Alexander Wang’s Spring 2010 collection was inspired by America’s favorite pastime (I don’t want to hear it you nascar fans)
Well it didn’t stop with Wang, many other brands also spotted this trend! How excited are you??

The shoes featured in the Marie Claire spread are insanely cute! And at only $250 kind of a steal!I know not everyone is going to be jumping at the chance to dress like a fashionable football player, but keep in mind how easily this trend can be interpreted into everyday wear. (owned by Ralph Lauren) has tons of cute, affordable pieces that are on trend!

Guys I have a feeling you’re going to love seeing your girlfriend’s in some of these looks! :)

Spring 2010 Trends, Part VI

Hello! I would like to talk about spring trend #6, although this is going to be more of a fall trend, I kind of wanted to highlight it now, because I’m excited about it!! As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of denim, I think its goes back to my days working at The Gap.

Trend #6, printed denim!

(Loooove these ombre jeans from Stella McCartney)

Considering this is a pretty up and coming trend, I was surprised to find some affordable choices at Sears!

And if you want to get a jump start on the perfect fall pair, Stella Leopard Velveteen jeans from True Religion.

What are your thoughts on this trend???

Gatorade G Series Pro Event

On Tuesday April 13th, Eli Manning, LaDainian Tomlinson and 100′s of other gathered in NYC to celebrate the upcoming release of Gatorade’s G Series items to the public.

For the past 15 years G Series Pro products have only been available to college and pro athletes until now, as they will now be offered through a partnership with GNC and Dick’s Sporting Goods. (Both Pittsburgh based companies, btw)

G Series Pro, originally developed exclusively for professional and collegiate athletes, will be avaliable May 1st at GNC and June 1st at Dick’s sporting goods!

Another donation post

I know, I know, you’re probably sick of my donation/charity posts, but too bad. :) I can’t help it that I have a platform to get my “voice” out there on issues near and dear to my heart, so I run with it. Thanks for your support.

If you follow the blog That’s Church than you know about Amy. I’m sure like me you’ve cried over Amy’s story, not once, not twice but many times. Well Amy has found a way to remember her children. Please help her build this park!