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Pittsburgh you’re becoming so popular!

Two posts in one day! Whoa, this whole 6,000th visitor thing is really getting to me I guess, thank you by the way for stopping by and reading, and helping me reach such a crazy # in a short amount of time!!

I was watching the TODAY show this morning while getting ready for work and I saw a familiar video clip of my favorite city…the one and only Pittsburgh!

TODAY has named Pittsburgh the 2nd best city in the US to buy a house due to our recovery in the housing market!!! Yay!

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Oh Chanel….

(Image courtesy of The Cut)

I know I am little biased, as I’ve had a huge, special, place in my heart for Chanel since I interned there in the Summer of 2005. Sometimes I type that sentence or say it out loud and still can’t believe it is true. I’m one blessed girl….anyway…I’m getting distracted (what else is new)

I found the Fall 2010 Chanel show in Paris breathtaking…look at that iceberg, well technically sniceberg (follow the link to read all about the making of it.)

Karl spared no expense in getting the perfect atmosphere for his show. I love his ability to make each show so unique, and theatrical without being over the top. If the rumors are true and he is retiring soon, then I better start really saving up to buy an item from Chanel while still under his reign. Donations will be accepted. :)

Our QB problems solved….

I should start by saying I strongly believe in fate and the saying, everything happens for a reason.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story about Troy playing a pick up football game with little kids in Arizona, as I’m sure you all did. It wasn’t until this morning while doing my usual Twitter reading that I saw Pittsburgh Magazine had discovered some pictures from the game.While reading the article it hit me…lets get rid on bozo Ben and replace him with Troy! :) Who’s in???(Photo Credit:

P.S. Did you know you can follow Athletichic on Twitter??

Top 10 Fall/Winter 2010-11 Colors…why you ask???

So the trends that we found on the runway this past February will probably not make to mainstream stores until 2012, its common. Colors however are much easier to work into mass market collections for Fall 2010, many of which are probably already sketched and waiting to be produced. So you’re probably wondering what any of this means to you, well dear reader, go out and purchase these top 10 colors now. You can pick up Fall 2009 pieces on clearance at this point, and if you buy classic pieces, you’re already ahead of the game for next year…happy shopping! :)

The womens colors are on the left, and the mens on the right…..