Monthly Archives: December 2009

No football Friday

So I can’t bring myself to talk about the Steelers or even football today, so instead I will talk about wonderful news out of my old town NYC.

My good friend JJH sent me this article because she knew it would make my day. And that it did.

New York authorities are working extra hard this holiday season to crackdown on counterfeit shops in Chinatown. Shutting down 31 stalls just this week alone!! Bravo!

I will leave you with this quote from Mayor Bloomberg…well put Mikey, well put.
“We’re just not going to have any tolerance for people selling knock-offs. It’s not fair to companies that invest in their brand,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. “We want people when they buy things to know exactly what they’re getting.”

Big Ben is a nice guy

Last week during all of the interviews Ben did about the Hines “controversy” I noticed he was wearing a State Police hat. I found it to be an odd choice, not just from a fashion point of view, but overall. After some research I found out Ben + the police = BFF.

Ben recently gave $250,000 to the Pittsburgh police and fire departments for canine armor. And it didn’t end in Pittsburgh, he made donations all around the country. Even in Cincinnati . For a full report, as well as all of the locations where the donations will be made, check out his official site. Keep up the good work Ben. :)