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Thank you! and Dr. House

On this Thanksgiving eve I’ve decided not to blog about football nor fashion…but about the people we should really be thanking, our troops.

You can visit, and select a card to be sent to the troops. You can even write a personal message to them.

Makes you realize who you’re really thankful for this time of year. :)

Also a little thank you to Mondesi’s House for finding this on YouTube because you know we’ve all been saying it for years.

Steelers fashion don’ts….

Since I started this blog, I’ve been waiting to a fashion don’t post! I’ve been pointing out fashion do’s and don’ts since middle school, its something I’ve always enjoyed. Anyway, while out to dinner the other night I came across a store, that I will not mention the name of, because they carried plenty of cute Steelers items to not ruin their reputation over a few bad ones. Sadly, someone is buying this crap or they wouldn’t carry it.

I find it so sad that it is difficult to find cute, fashionable Steelers pieces, but somewhere out there someone is making crap like this. Please my fellow Steelers ladies, lets not stoop to this level. It is my hope that my blog helps to show you there are other options! :)

Here’s hoping for the Terrible Towel curse…

Apparently the Bengals fans did not learn their lesson the first time their team disrespected the Terrible Towel. .

Titan fans know all too well what I am talking about, they finally won their first game after making things right. Silly Titans.

Two things I’ve learned from this video…Cincinnati really is a classy town isn’t it???? (Sarcasm) and now I’m not as worried about the Steelers making it to the playoffs. :)

P.S. Thanks for sharing the video N.C.

The Steelers, the positive….

I’ve decided on this Monday afternoon, after the tough loss yesterday, to talk about something positive the Steelers are doing.

On Monday November 23rd, you can join Deshea (and his adorable smile) as well as some of the other Steelers at Tusca Mediterranean Tapas in the South Side, for a charity art show benefiting the Pay It Forward foundation. Follow the links for more details on the event. And oh yes, GO Steelers! :)

Troy Polamalu On Jimmy Fallon, we need to find Jimmy’s address to send him hate mail for making Troy talk about Madden!

So I was going to start making a conscious effort to quit blogging about just the Steelers, however, I can’t help it that they keep showing up everywhere! I have to share these clips of Troy on Jimmy Fallon, they are adorable! It makes me love him even more! And! January Jones is a Steelers fan, Betty Draper, can you put in a good word with your TV husband to become a Steelers fan too! :) Enjoy!

Also before you watch, be sure to check out Troy’s charity site, especially on Veteran’s Day!
Troy tackles more

NFL Films presents the story behind the Steelers and Renegade :)

Thanks to my good friend NC, and my fave sports blog,, for showing me this video.

For those of you lucky enough to have attended a Steelers game in the last few years, you know how amazing it is when the Renegade video comes on. I don’t know about you, but I usually get pretty moved during the video :) Apparently Ben does too!

Enjoy the video! And for my readers from Ohio, enjoy the clip because it shows the Browns in the playoffs…can any of you remember that far back??